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Conscious Luxury

Crafted With Purpose.

At OSIER attention to detail and a timeless perspective intertwine with ethical and conscious manufacturing. Our collections are handcrafted in Europe, using only high quality plant based materials.

Inspired by the enchanting beauty of our planet, we create signature pieces that are building blocks as well as finishing touches to your wardrobe. Subtle but refined styles, echoing the intricate and organic shapes, breathtaking scenery and infinitely growing and flowing sights of our planet.

We strive to create pieces that you will cherish and we are constantly exploring new techniques and custom made materials to minimise our carbon footprint, while elevating our designs to provide you with contemporary pieces that will last a lifetime. 

Ready to kick-off fall?

Summer dawn

The new season will bring coziness and comfort to you and your mind. Match calming thoughts with timeless and sustainable materials, carefully crafted to remain in your wardrobe forever. Pure quality is ready to guide you on fall adventures, whether it is golden fall walks or bonfire evenings. 

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