Eco-Conscious Living Tips from the OSIER Team

To celebrate this years' World Vegan Day we wanted to share some sustainable living tips from the OSIER team! 



Social Media Manager (left on image)

Who do you want to inspire with a sustainable lifestyle?

I want to inspire those, who prioritise their own satisfaction over responsibility. I want to show and demonstrate, how tasty you can eat or how beautiful you can dress, while still doing good for our planet! Responsibility is not excluding satisfaction, it can even enrich it!

People, hesitant to pursue a sustainable lifestyle because they connect it to restrictions or limitations, have to see the evidence for their assumptions being wrong! And I think, with my work at OSIER and in my private choices, I can inspire them.


What is the biggest problem, you see to be solved?

Education and Awareness! If brands, institutions and governments start to educate and are transparent about the challenges we face, people grow aware of harmful production and how responsible consumption makes an impact! They later make the right choices, if they are educated. It should be mandatory for brands, to be honest and I hope that in the future, more brands will choose transparent business models!


What is your favourite bag?

Vondelpark and Nieuw-West! Especially Nieuw-West, because I can fit everything in the backpack without it ever looking too overwhelming. Moreover, I want to be careful with my spine and carrying a backpack is a great, ergonomic way to carry weight balanced on both shoulders. 



Head of Design (right on image)

What is something you focus on, to live sustainably?

I focus the most on transparency. It‘s the best way to find out the history of the product you want to purchase. I think is important to regain the respect for all the living beings that surround us and acknowledge the impact that we have on our environment. Sometimes we should stop taking and start giving back.


What is the biggest problem to be solved in your opinion?
Education. In my opinion, creating opportunities for education for everyone globally is the best way to educate people around the world about the ethical and environmental problems we currently face. Education helps create awareness and makes people understand that they are responsible for their own actions.


Where do you go for relaxation?

I love taking long walks in the forest with my dog. To be surrounded by nature helps my to quiet my mind.


If you had to choose one bag from the OSIER collection, which one would it be? 

I choose our De Pijp bucket bag. I love the shape and the practical interior. I can carry all my important items with me on a busy day. 



Founder & CEO (center on image)

Who is someone you want to aspire and motivate to be more sustainable?

I don’t think there is just one specific person that I can think of for this question. In order to really do better we have to recognise that we are dealing with a climate emergency. And we can only solve this problem collectively: as individuals, through the politicians we vote into power to drive that change and as businesses. We all have to take responsibility in this matter and do the little everyday things like recycling, cutting out animal products from our diet whenever we can, travelling more sustainably along with the big things we can do: to use our voices in elections, on the street, online and offline to spread the word.

I am still positive and hopeful that we can turn the urgency of the situation into a positive driver for change and a better future for all - if we act on it collectively and NOW.


How do you incorporate your strive for a cleaner environment in your job?

After leaving the cooperate world it was my goal to align my purpose and vision with what I do for a living. Starting OSIER made that happen. We strive to create beautiful, sustainable designs to help set a good example within the Fashion Industry. It’s important to remember that no business is perfect but we have big goals and the team and I want to always keep doing better and improve our practices around sustainability- collection to collection.


Which bag is your favourite from the collection?

This is a tough one because I clearly love them all. If I had to choose I would have to go with our bestseller, the Jordaan messenger bag. The black version is made from my favourite material, apple leather from Italy. This bag has turned into my versatile everyday companion and I take it with me everywhere: business meetings, a day in the city or on vacation! :)