Interview with Chanel Trapman

This post is dedicated to a female entrepreneur and power woman that holds a very dear place in our heart (and business): Chanel Trapman from Mumster.
Not only is she a beautiful mother and friend, Chanel is also the co-founder of The Impact Shop in Amsterdam, where you can find our capsule collection. Chanel is deeply committed to changing the fashion industry for the better and devoted this year towards the making of her documentary The Positive Chain of Change which is what we'd like to talk about further in this post.
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Thank you Chanel for sharing your story and thoughts with us today, to begin with can you give is a little background to what your documentary is all about? 

My documentary is about the next generation of game changers in the fashion industry, showing the power of connection.

When did you first learn about the destruction or unsold clothes and what were your initial reactions? 

I watched the documentary The True Cost and realised I was contributing to other young women's unhappiness and little children's unhappiness. I was shocked and inspired to make a change myself and inspire others to join me.

What were your first steps into spreading the message and making a change?

I decided to use my skills as a reporter to find good initiatives and share their story and ideas with the world, to show that positive change in the industry is possible and you have to make the change yourself and make people aware that they can contribute to change in so many ways!

What do you recommend for people to get involved and support the vision of a more sustainable fashion industry? 

Signing the petition is the easiest way to use your voice and make a change!
Sign the petition to stop the destruction of unsold clothes!

If you had the chance to re-use these ‘unsold’ clothes how would you go about it? 

Donating these clothes would be a great start or selling these items to raise money that could be reinvested into sustainable fashion projects! A collaboration with talented designers and developers could also be a great option to come up with new ideas on how to re-use these clothing items and giving them a new purpose.

What are your plans following this inspiring documentary?

Spreading the word about the documentary and its message with as many people as I possibly can.

Where can we watch/buy it!?
I am organising a screening in The Impact Shop on the 18th of Nov and the online release on MUMSTER will be coming soon..