Our 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

OSIER wishes you all a happy holiday season, with calm moments of recharge and time to spend with your loved ones. 


2020 ends differently than we may have expected at the beginning of this year. Twelve challenging and unusual months lie behind us - with ups and downs, limitations and restrictions but also with new, surprising perspectives.

Usually, we celebrate the end of the year and reflect on the good events that happened. This year, more than ever, it is about looking into the new year with hope and joy. No matter how 2021 will be, we have to make it wholesome. From all the moments of the past year, what is it that we want to take with us? What do we want to let go of? 

Currently, we only meet few people and have to focus on what surrounds us in the here and now.

Who is someone in your life you are grateful for, who helped you through? 

For some of us, the economical situation and our routines shifted and changed the attitude towards giving gifts. But equal to previous years is the desire to give something to our closest beloved ones,  to give back a piece of the love we received. 

Do those presents now differ from previously? Well, in a way: YES. We should not support gigantic online retailers, destroying our local businesses. Choosing gifts that support the people around us and local businesses is important. New concepts, new ideas and sustainable goods are developed close by. We chose brands and objects, that add more than a materialistic value to the present.

We hope you are inspired and find a present for beloved ones or yourself.


 Our Nieuw-West backpack, made from the finest vegan leather is a practical and aesthetic present for everyone. 


Offline Matters in this crazy world in which we meet friends, colleagues and even family via our screens. Globalisation changed our sociological interactions, not always for the better. J. Henderson presents the problem of our current lifestyles and focuses on how you as individual can find a solution for enjoying your physical, everyday life.  


Wineleaf, Rosemary or Pine are some of the offered scents for natural soaps made by TautanzTautanz is a fictional German word (tau = dew | tanz = dance), describing a pure and joyful moment of dew drops dancing on the grass in the early morning hours. The Amsterdam based brand is perfect if you seek a sustainable, wellness gift. 


When walking into public spaces these days, oftentimes we are asked to sanitise our hands with chemical, draughting disinfectants. The wholesome sanitiser from Lingua Planta is made with natural ingredients only. Your skin will thank you for the gentle disinfection. 


This simplistic, yet stylish accessory is a practical companion. Jann June offers a 100% organic, certified cotton turtle bag in black or white. A very cute gift for your mum, best friend or colleague. 


For the people in our live who would like to slow down and crave more  creativity during this festive season, we have the perfect gift! Find new inspiration in your leisure time, Art Box delivers monthly creative supplies. New ideas flourish with each new box. 


“This hat is made from organic cotton” - what a great statement to carry through your day when wearing this sustainable and chic cap from Pangaia. Made using sustainable dyes and recycled materials, this comfortable piece is a real treat for all your fashion forward friends. 


A ginger shot a day keeps the sore throat away. Get freshly frozen shots and enjoy the spicy taste and energised sensation when waking up on winter days. The Berlin based start-up Every. offers a pack of portions, you can use it for tea, smoothies or enjoy it pure.