Our Post Pandemic Perspective

Life feels different to us in a post pandemic world. Do you feel the same way?

You’re not alone in that feeling. Shut down airports and factories, material shortages and workers who need to stay at home: it showed us how fragile our supply chains are.

We also realised that beauty can be found in a slower approach to life through lockdown. 

Living through these exceptional times we were all able to experience the fragility of every-day life: it made us realise what is important in life. Plenty of us are reconsidering what we deem necessities and which items, products and even behaviours we can let go moving forward. A new perspective is taking shape.

The new consumer

The worldwide pandemic also impacted our behaviour as a consumer. Entering the new, post-pandemic world we are choosing more wisely, buy local where we can and we choose casual comfort is our new daily uniform. After the global outrage caused by cancelled production orders from fashion giants in Bangladesh many of us now demand more transparency within the fashion industry. 

Where was this garment made? What is the impact this fabric has on the environment?  Who made my bag? 

These are the important questions that more and more of us pose - and rightfully so. We underestimate the power we hold as consumers. 

Conscious thinking

As consumers evolve, so should fashion brands. In our case this translates to taking conscious decisions: creating curated collections with versatile and timeless designs, a local supply chain, plant-based and durable materials that have minimal environmental impact. 

Adina, our Head of Design said it best: ‘’It’s best to build on a steady foundation.’’  Focussing on high-quality production is the building block we base our collections on. 

Personally, we are excited to see the changes these past two years have brought: a new found focus on inclusivity, transparency and local production amongst other aspects. We should never forget the impact we can have on our planet when we unite and join forces as a collective.