Our sustainable path.

At OSIER we care about our planet and the animals living on it. Our mission is revolutionise the fashion industry with a focus on sustainability, transparency and quality. To do that, we follow the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Goal 12 is to ensure sustainable consumption and production. To ensure we meet this goal, we keep things local. Our bags’ journey starts in Amsterdam, where our collection is designed. Our materials, that include lux, soft vegan ‘leathers’, recycled lining fabrics and organic cotton dust bags are all sustainably sourced in Italy. From then, we send the materials to our manufacture in Bucharest, Romania, where a very talented team of machinists and designers hand-craft the products. Keeping things local in Europe assure to reduce our CO2 emissions.  


In addition, to compensate the CO2 that we release to our planet, we also make our bags with the help of renewable energies such as green wind energy. 

Our mission is to be sustainable from the beginning to the end, involving everyone from producer to our final customers. That is why our packaging is also 100% recycled with not a hint of plastic whatsoever! 

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