The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card

Since April 2020, OSIER is proud partner of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card.
The Sustainable Fashion Gift Card
Did you recently purchase a Sustainable Fashion Gift Card or received it as a gift? You're in Luck! 
As the owner of the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card (SFGC) you are able to shop our luxurious, vegan, hand-crafted products amongst other amazing sustainable fashion pieces from like-minded brands. 
Being one of many conscious fashion brands which are part of the SFGC allows us to share our vision and join forces with fellow green brands to offer an exciting range of sustainable chic pieces.
And you can help spread the word too by telling family and friends about the SFGC with its growing number of impact driven fashion brands! Gifting the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card introduces your loved ones to responsible, fair labels they might have never heard of before. They are invited to explore the sustainable, ethical and uplifting fashion industry. The card is a vote for a fair, fun future of the fashion industry! 
You allow your presentee to browse and shop amazing, sustainable goods: online as well as offline! 
Half of consumers think, that sustainability in fashion is important, but only approximately 14 % of consumers purchase sustainable products.
That is why the Sustainable Fashion Gift Card launched in April 2020 to drive forward the urgency, but also the joy of responsible consumption. Our collective conscience about fair fashion increases and pioneers in the sustainable industry can flourish.
You own a SFGC? Here is how to purchase products!
OSIER proudly welcomes all eco-shoppers! Just fill in your individual Giftcard-number in our webshop, after adding your favourite items to your shopping cart. Enjoy!
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