A couple of weeks back we hosted a cosy morning event at The Impact Shop in Amsterdam. Our event was all about coming together, reflecting on 2018, sharing our lessons learned as well as setting intentions for the new year.

OSIER believes that if we truly want to have a lasting, positive impact on our surroundings, the only way to achieve this is through community. It's what turns ideas into movements and how real progress is made. This is why events like Time To RENEW are so significant for us.

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Most of our days are fully packed, optimised to accommodate our busy schedules and designed to check off all items on our busy To Do lists. Being productive is great; it helps get us where we want to be in life. But it's also important to stop chasing our goals once in a while and to be present.

We started off with a guided meditation by AnnaNouka. Taking a few moments out of our busy schedules to just focus on our breathing can be a great way to eliminate stress and slow down the pace of everyday life.  

influencers Time To RENEW The Impact Shop Amsterdam

Over breakfast we shared the challenges some of us had to overcome this year: from spending lonely nights in foreign hospitals to the end of relationships and quitting day jobs to pursue passion projects - life was challenging some times this year but also full of growth and beauty.

We then set an intention for the new year ahead. This is a great way to keep you focussed on your mission when things get a little tough. 

influencers Time To RENEW The Impact Shop Amsterdam

Thanks to all the beautiful, strong women who shared their story and made this intimate morning unforgettable: to Stephanie from Let's Talk Slow, the sustainable lifestyle blog, Michelle from Conscious Culture, Laura from the beautiful lifestyle blog Lauresque, our dear Martina from withfairflair and Sara from When Sara Smiles

Since the power of community is so important to us, celebrating the little things with amazing, likeminded people was an incredible way to round up the year and recharge our batteries.

From us at OSIER we want you wish you all the very best for this new year! Let's make 2019 magical and don't forget to include a couple of your own RENEW moments once in a while..

P.S.: Special thanks to our partner in business and crime - Chanel from Mumster for making this event happen and our vegan girl boss Landa for the incredible pictures!