Haliae - derived from Ancient Greek meaning 'the dweller in the sea’.

This silky and shiny scarf with marine print is named after the sea nymphs of ancient greek mythology. These nymphs were the female spirits of the sea, they rode dolphins and fish-tailed horses, lured sailors out to dangerous parts of the ocean and protected the waters. Shrouded in mystery and fantasy, they embody fierce and ruthless femininity.

The soft and almost pearlescent fabric of the scarf ripples in a breeze like the surface of a quiet ocean on a windless day and is made of 100% recycled material.

10% of  profits on this product will be donated to the non-profit organisation Sea Shepard.

Please note: all items purchased through pre-orders will ship to you in July. 

100% recycled Polyester, also called Rpet.

Rpet material is made from recycled PET bottles. These bottles are turned into a recyclable material that can be used to produce new fashion fabrics.

- wash up to 30° Celsius
- iron at low temperature only
- do not drum dry
- do not bleach


Amsterdam Based



Handmade in Europe